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All the versions of Great Plains Dynamics, GPA for DOS, Windows and Mac, Dynamics GP are supportable, no question about it. However the support might not be available directly from the Microsoft Business Solutions, successor of Great Plains Software. MBS tech support model includes two or three current versions, while the historical ones are available for self-support via MBS Partner Source in the form of knowledge base, such practical help as producing reg key for GPA new company, downloading service pack. There is also the nuance if your company is current with MBS annual enhancement contract. If you are – you can place discounted tech support case directly on the Customer Source, or by phone, to Microsoft Dynamics tech support team. However if you are not – you will have to have your Credit Card ready and pay the price list tech support call cost. We are supporting this Corporate ERP application since 1995 and we would like share with you our experience on the typical support scenarios:

1. What to check, before you call your tech support consultant. Consider logging Customer Source and search knowledge base – chances are high that your case is already documented and fix is suggested there. If not – and you are sure that this is new issue, where the resolutions is unknown you may decide to place the call to the consultant. There are also several self-service advices, keep reading the next paragraph

2. Blocked batch. It is famous known issue about GP. This ERP application doesn’t use optimistic SQL roll-back, leaving itself open to customizations and data feeding on the company database level. One of the drawbacks is batch in limbo situation. In the newer versions, just log off and login back with the same user ID – you will be guided to Batch Recovery window. However, please be aware, that reposting might lead you to the same limbo loop, we rather recommend you to print Batch Edit List report and review it before, if you see errors there, you have to open the referenced document and make required changes – in the most common cases – provide GL distribution accounts

3. Ghost User. This is another champion in tech support calls. Actives users are recorded in Activity table in Dynamics SQL database, or if you are on Pervasive SQL or Ctree – it is in Activity file in System folder. The fix is self-apparent for GP 2010, 10.0, 9.0, 8.0, but for earlier versions consider executing Delete Activity where USRID = ‘JOHN’ (be sure that John is replaced with real user ID, for Pervasive/Btrieve just have all the users log off and delete Activity.* files on your server – this procedures should do the job)

4. Really challenging support issue. Of course, real life is more complex and if you do not see your case resolved in this article, feel free to call us

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