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We are Microsoft Dynamics GP, CRM, AX, SAP Business One customization, reporting, integration professionals

SAP Business One. SAP B1 is becoming more popular in the USA, increases number of implementation each year substantially. Originally designed by one of the Israel software development companies, now it is part of SAP ERP brand. Alba Spectrum Group supports and implements SAP BO for the whole spectrum of companies, involved in international business, especially when multinational corporation has subsidiary in Latin America and Brazil. Plus we do SAP B1 customization, SAP Business One SDK programming, integration, etc. from our software development factory in Manila, Philippines. Now we announce local support and implementation in Chicagoland area. Some SAP B1 services highlights: All-in-one licensing. You purchase named user licenses, and you own all the modules, available for SAP B1. Also you can purchase CRM user licenses for your sales people at half price.

Light Manufacturing, if you are Chicago area distributor, and you need light assembly with generic discrete manufacturing functionality, you should probably consider SAP Business One Upstream integration. If you are branch large corporation, you can get advantage of SAP B1 integration architecture, however even if your company doesn’t use SAP in headquarters, you can still utilize robust SAP B1 exporting features, for example you can export to Excel virtually every report

Multilanguage Support. You can assign default language to the user, and you can switch language for your SAP B1 session and any moment, when desired. This feature makes MRP application very attractive for European companies: German, Italian, French, Spanish, who establishes subsidiaries in the USA

eCommerce and Web Based CRM. These modules are in process of being incorporated into SAP Business One set of modules. When CRM is fully available in web interface – it will be very strong competitor to Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Microsoft Dynamics GP Great Plains tandem, however with lighter functionality and potentially more easy implementation and deployment

We currently implement & support:

Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, CRM, plus integration with Microsoft RMS

SAP Business One in Latin America

Heterogeneous reporting: MS SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, Crystal…

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