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Microsoft Great Plains, currently new name in Microsoft Dynamics family is Microsoft Dynamics GP, originally this ERP package was created by Great Plains Software as Great Plains Dynamics in earlier 1990th as Great Plains Dexterity application. Microsoft Great Plains tailored business logic or professional modifications were initially made back in late 1990th in Great Plains Dex, this IDE has it own C-shell based scripting language – sanscript. MRP package at that time had similar customization capabilities: SAP had ABAP, Axapta – Morph X, X++, Navision – C/Side. When Microsoft purchased Great Plains Software and formed Microsoft Business Solutions, Dexterity core of GP was deemphasized (however it stays and not going anywhere), instead Microsoft BS opened GP objects for Microsoft Visual Studio C# and VB.Net developers via new tool – eConnect. eConnect obviously is not a miracle and it replicates Dex logic in SQL stored procedures – meaning that eConnect is definitely step forward to make Microsoft Great Plains more open MRP platform, but this step is rather evolutional, not a major revolution. Let’s review typical GP modification scenarios eCommerce. GP is now open ERP or accounting backoffice, thanks to eConnect. If you think about deploying custom logic in GP user workstation, then more likely modification should be programmed in Dexterity. If Dex is too complex, especially if you plan to customize GP in-house, then consider GP Modifier with VBA Modifier with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). This tools is related to older Microsoft OLE technologies – customization of Microsoft Office Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc And below you see additional Microsoft Dexterity highlights:
Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains is Dexterity-written application and currently we see increased interest for Great Plains customers to do in-house Dexterity development and customization. Dexterity itself is written on C programming language and its initial architecture was based on the Graphical and Database platform independence, which C programming language was believed to provide. Initially back in 1994 Great Plains Software Dynamics and Dynamics C/S+ were realized for Macintosh and Windows and pretty similar Dexterity DYNAMICS.DIC dictionary worked for Ctree/Faircomm and Microsoft SQL Server 6.5. In our days Microsoft Great Plains is available for Windows and MS SQL Server only (since version 8.0). In this small article we would like to give you highlights on the most typical entry level Dexterity development questions
• DYNAMICS.DIC. This is your core dictionary which should be used for your customization.
• New Custom forms vs. Alternate Forms. If you are beginner, please try to stick to new Great Plains Forms. Do not customize existing forms. If you open existing form in Dexterity – you should be aware that field scripts are stripped off and if you place your own script over the original one – you will destroy the field logic
• Dexterity Triggers. You register them in Startup script – look Dexterity manual. If you have to deal with existing fields logic alteration you register before or after original script trigger. Please see the examples.
• SQL Stored Procs. Latest version of Microsoft Great Plains is available for MS SQL Sevrer/MSDE only and you should consider combination of Dexterity and Stored procs. Try to avoid using old Dexterity cursors, statements, like: start range. Hint – ranges were the instrument of database platform independence and it seems to be not the case anymore.
• Customization Upgrade. The most challenging portion of upgrade is Alternate Great Plains forms. If you place custom fields and logic on the existing forms then, you should know that Great Plains can change the form for the new version and you will have to review and redo the custom logic.

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