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  Small Business Accounting SAP Business One Chicagoland, Atlanta Compare with QuickBooks

Andrew Karasev

When you are in software selection and decision making mode we understand your situation and we are ready to help you with our consulting practice opinions and recommendations

Below is article originally composed by Andrew Karasev our ERP systems evangelist and SAP B1 and Dynamics GP practicing consultant. Article is written in FAQ style. Please enjoy and if you have questions then let us know

Some managers and business owners think about SAP as something associated with corporate ERP software packages. For example it might be the following opinion: ‘We would rather pick something like QuickBooks or Peach Tree, but SAP – we are small company, sorry.’ It is true that SAP has solution for large corporations but at the same time it is offering mid-market and small business software as well. Let’s review Business One and how it could fit. Let’s compose this document in the form of Frequently Asked Questions for easy reading:

Q. We really need budget level software preferably competing by price with QuickBooks
A. There is so-called ‘Starter Package’ with scaled down functionality and reduced pricelist

Q. Well but what are the advantages of Starter Package comparing to QuickBooks for example?
A. First of all you are getting application with SQL Server hosted database. It is open for all kinds of Crystal reporting and integration with external systems. Second you keep the future growth secured as at the time when you need to have more than five users you can switch to regular licensing without data migration and personnel retraining. Imagine that in the future you may benefit on such features in core functionality as discrete production, CRM, HR, MRP as well as get access to customization tools including Software Development Kit. In the case of QB you should expect future data conversion when you decide to switch to mid-market accounting package

Q. Where B1 would be especially competitive offering premium features?
A. We believe that these are businesses with assembly on order, field service, rentals, picking and packing, distribution, mass lead processing (CRM) as well as foreign branch of multinational corporation.

Q. We would like to do our due diligence. Would you please share your opinion about competition?
A. Sure. From low price side these are Peach Tree Enterprise and going lower is QuickBooks. If we are thinking about the same price or slightly higher then take a look at Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Ready (Business Essential license)

Q. If we would like to compare both Dynamics GP and BO would you be able to give us executive and technology demos?
A. Yes, we do consult both applications. Preferable media is web session (Citrix Gotomeeting)

Q. You mentioned above international office of the multinational firm. Why is that?
A. Here in the United States we are primarily thinking about local communities and major business metros like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles or Atlanta. At the same time even midmarket companies have to outsource manufacturing operations to China or Brazil or even better extend their product distribution networks abroad. When you are opening foreign subsidiary likely the form should be corporation in hosting country (100% owned or with majority of the ownership). This means that you have to deal with such issues as consolidated financial reporting (P&L and Balance Sheet), ERP localization and foreign language support in client interface. SAP B1 is translated to such popular languages as Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Polish, Russian, Spanish (both Latin America and Spain) and Estonian and this is just the opening of the list

Please call us 1-866-304-3265, 1-269-605-4904, help@efaru.com. We have local presence in Chicagoland, Atlanta Georgia, Southwest Michigan. We serve customers USA and Canada nationwide and internationally via web sessions and phone conferences (Skype is welcomed). We are working on Brazilian ERP consulting market in Sao Paulo since 2004

Andrew Karasev is SAP BO consultant and Great Plains Certified Master, MVP, help@efaru.com 1-866-304-3265, 1-269-605-4904. He is also the initiator of eFaru project http://www.efaru.com and founder of Alba Spectrum information space

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