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  ERP Installation Recovery SAP Business One, Dynamics GP Second Opinion Atlanta Chicago

Andrew Karasev

We provide consulting services from our offices in Chicagoland (IL, IN, MI) and Greater Atlanta region, GA. However the nature of our services is technology consulting and it is available USA, Canada nationwide and internationally

Below is the article originally compiled by Andrew Karasev our ERP systems implementation veteran

The word ‘implementation’ means that it is not easy and associated with some amount of ‘pain’. Based on twenty years old consulting practice we would like to share with you common reasons and give several advises. Document is compiled in FAQ style for easy reading and to be less formal. If you have specific ‘story’ or question feel free to email us. Let’s move on and pose the first question:

Q. We hired expensive consulting firm and tried not to disturb them in the implementation phase so they could concentrate on their work. Initially we discussed ‘turn-key’ solution with them. When we tried to use system first day in production we realized that it simply not covering our business processes or better say doesn’t work. What is wrong here?
A. Implementing ERP application requires broad involvement of your key people and future end users. Consultants are ‘blind’ without your feedback and meetings. It is recommended to use approaches such as ‘pilot project’, ‘test server’, ‘custom logic’, ‘modified user interface’, etc. It is also recommended to have your internal project manager ‘responsible’ for overall success and coordination. If you expect customizations then it is good idea to create timeline with several phases. The first phase should be generic implementing and custom coding should be moved to the second or even third phase

Q. We made a decision that system should be placed in production with 100% readiness including custom logic which was programmed in MS Visual Studio with SAP B1 Software Development Kit. We installed software on testing server and came through data conversion and user training steps. However custom module didn’t meet several deadlines and every time when we tried to test it we were finding numerous ‘bugs’. We had to postpone placing system into production and it is in limbo for about one year
A. Software development is risky by its nature especially when it is done for unique requirements without the budget for quality assurance. Our recommendations are ‘phases’, ‘test server with your real dataset’, etc. Also be sure that your chosen programmers are experienced and not coming through learning curve. Both SAP BO and Dynamics GP have numerous ‘add-ons’ available through ISV channels. If you see business logic match in one of the add-ons then it is better to deploy it instead of do in-house software development

Q. We are switching from QuickBooks to Business One and as we have only two users being small company we decided to do internal implementation as we initially did for QuickBooks. We spent about six months and are still ‘in progress’
A. SAP B1 is ‘professional system’ which requires consulting help to be implemented. This is why it is sold via partner channel. QuickBooks or similar (such as Peach Tree or MYOB) are simplified in features and they are intended to be implemented by reading manuals. You should call your original reseller and arrange the next step with them

Q. We have strong IT department with SQL DBA type of folks. We decided to do data migration from Peach Tree to Dynamics GP internally via SQL data feeding. Our SQL programmers several time reported that all the data is now in GP but when we were testing we got numerous error messages in client application. What is wrong?
A. Great Plains Dynamics GP has complex logic and table structure. If data is imported via SQL insert statements or stored procedures then side effect is ‘data compromising’. Instead you should use Integration Manager and do data migration there. It is not free as you need to purchase license. Please talk to your VAR and have them sell you ‘data conversion only license’. IM validated logic and neutral to such annoying things as ‘data corruption’

Q. We are on Great Plains DOS version 9.2 and we are in selection process, where we need to decide between Microsoft Dynamics and SAP Business One. Would you like to comment?
A. Sure. Probably B1 has lower cost of implementation and following maintenance. However GP has direct migration and upgrade path with the option to purchase software licenses with discount as you are considered to be a customer on one of Microsoft Business Solutions legacy packages. In the case of Business One we are not aware about ‘migration utility’ and you may expect to pay for data conversion project. Documents migration might have moderate risk in the sense of going over budget, etc.

Q. After being one year on SAP BO in production we decided to design Project Profitability report in Crystal. We got ten hours estimation from our reseller. So far it took two months and thirty billable and twenty ‘written off’ hours. Report produces duplicate records and wring in summarizing
A. Possible reason is that designer is in learning curve and not familiar with technique where CR is based on SQL Stored Procedure or View. Please discuss these techniques with your consulting partner or ask for second opinion

Q. When our consulting firm failed in getting SAP Business One implemented with our customization requirements we decided not to pay for the next year annual maintenance contract and now nobody want to take us over to finish implementation project
A. Annual contract is not related to implementation as it gives you access to new version license key and customer portal. In our opinion better idea is to pick another consulting firm and reenroll

Please call us 1-866-304-3265, 1-269-605-4904, help@efaru.com. We have local presence in Chicagoland, Atlanta Georgia, Southwest Michigan. We serve customers USA and Canada nationwide and internationally via web sessions and phone conferences (Skype is welcomed). We are working on Brazilian ERP consulting market in Sao Paulo since 2004

Andrew Karasev is SAP BO consultant and Great Plains Certified Master, MVP, help@efaru.com 1-866-304-3265, 1-269-605-4904. He is also the initiator of eFaru project http://www.efaru.com and founder of Alba Spectrum information space. We serve you Dynamics GP through Alba Spectrum

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